UK – European Placement Network

European Placement Network (EPN) specialises in the management of work placements in the U.K. and Europe.

Established in 2011, EPN has a wide network of European partners and makes its expertise available to diverse organisations such as local authorities, private companies, universities, vocational training centres and schools. We are thus able to cater for the specific needs of our partners and customers and enhance the employability of participants.

EPN organises work placements for young people in education and training, students, apprentices and job seekers in the UK and all over Europe. EPN can arrange work placements for those with all levels of qualifications, from GCSE, BTEC and A Levels to those with Masters degrees. EPN currently manages the international mobility programmes on behalf of several European regional governments.

EPN proposes the following services that can be tailored to meet the specific expectations and requirements of partners:

  • Help partners and customers Assist customers in the research and development of projects and funding
  • Offering work placements tailored to a person’s profile, skills and qualifications
  • Organise appropriate language training in partnership with recognized schools
  • Propose suitable accommodation
  • Provide close monitoring to beneficiaries throughout their stay
  • Coordinate the certification and valorisation of acquired skills and competencies with sending partners (ECVETS, Europass, portfolio …)
  • Assess and evaluate the relevance of the actions, the results of projects and participate in their dissemination.

EPN also plays an active part in programmes and E.U. funded projects that aim to develop new innovative approaches to mobility projects and to facilitate life-long learning through structured experiences in working environments.

In addition to the Head Office in Bristol, EPN has an office in Croydon and is looking to open a third office in Manchester.


Portugal – APLICAPROPOSTA LDA – Bragamob  

Aplicaproposta LDA (Bragamob) is a SME with 1-20 employees based in Braga and is an experienced mobility service provider that has hosted a significant number of participants under the Leonardo da Vinci programme and recently under Erasmus+. The company have participated in numerous projects related to international mobility. The staff includes specialists in key areas and also has co-workers employed in areas where it has less knowledge, to ensure a full, balanced scope of experience.

Through previous partnerships, Braga mob is proud to have partners such as: the Braga City Council, the Industrial Association of Minho, the Commercial Association of Braga, the municipal government of S. Victor, and a partnership with the Cultural and Social Center of the Saint Adrião Association (Social institution with quality certification and a large experience with mobility projects). In fact, these partnerships allow Braga mob an almost full coverage to meet the needs of those looking for mobility in the city of Braga.

The company’s mission is to create and foster educational, cultural, social, recreational and entertainment directing the benefits of multiculturalism to a growing number of people with a maximum service of excellence. Braga mob wants to develop business relationships and professional relationships with all types of businesses, schools, NGO’s, governmental institutions and organizations across Europe.

Braga mob also provides services tailored to the specific needs of executives and technical experts, especially those involved in the areas of this project. With a wide network of local offices and a team of professionals, the company has partnered with several entities in the city of Braga, operating in various professional fields, corresponding to the requests by entities participating/partners of Braga mob in the scope of Erasmus+ programmes.

The team of local people is invaluable, creating and adapting special programs, always meeting the needs of both parties. Containing a vast network of internal and external contacts, it has the advantage of easy communication and efficient operation. The wide network makes it easy to organize all kinds of mobility including finding a perfect plan for the visits in Portugal. This allows participants to have the best possible experience before developing its own configuration. Braga mob also allows participants to invest in their future and to come experience life in their beautiful country, Portugal.


France – APRECA 

APRECA is a private in-service adult education organisation created in 1990. Its European vocation emerged first, through its language teaching department as a University of Cambridge examination centre for the Regions of Champagne-Ardenne and Bourgogne, Pilot Centre in France for the DIRECT ENGLISH method developed by the PEARSON group) and since 1991, through the European mobility programme EURODYSSEE.

APRECA has developed its know-how through European programmes as LEONARDO DA VINCI, ADAPT, ADAPT/STEER. Thanks to this experience and a huge network of European partners, APRECA is willing to put its know-how at the disposal of the different public authorities and in this way to be a “logistic platform” in the European transnational programmes.

APRECA has offices in the regions of Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne and Bourgogne and this has allowed the development of an extensive network of hosting companies in a wide range of activity sectors and this is a key factor in being able to find appropriate solutions and outcomes to meet the specific requirements of our European partners.

Since 1990, our organisation has been actively involved with the management of European work placement programs. To date, we have organised mobility projects for more than 15,000 trainees (VET learners, job seekers, apprentices and students).

Working with a wide network of European partners such as local authorities, private companies and educational establishments, we arrange work placements for French trainees all over Europe and also manage the hosting in France of trainees from other European countries.

We regularly participate in projects and / or partnerships with the aim of improving the quality of our processes. For example, APRECA is also a member of the French Expert mobility network, managed by the French Erasmus+ Agency as is recognised as an official ‘mobility developer’.



AM Transnational (AMT) is a Spanish language and training centre and consultancy firm specialised in the management of Educational programs for youngsters throughout Europe.

Since our foundation in 2003 we have participated in hundreds of European mobility programs as sending and hosting partners.  We tailor make every program to ensure its success. We handle projects from initial consultancy through completion, providing a fully managed end-to-end service. We are experts in all the phases of transnational mobility programs including projects drafting, submission, and implementation and final project results.

As a hosting partner, we provide quality services involved in mobility programs, including: transfers from and to the airport, welcome meeting, appropriate accommodation, cultural and linguistic preparation, training in an adequate company taking into consideration the trainee´s profile and expectations, monitoring of the placement period, validation and final certification.

Our aim is to enhance and improve professional qualifications of young people, by implementing their individual competences and linguistic skills, their transversal abilities and quantifying / capitalising on their achievements. But for us, it is equally important to ensure that the trainee has the means to enjoy the mobility experience at a personal level too.

Over the years we have participated in numerous training projects, both as sending and receiving institution, so that we have succeeded in constructing and managing a wide network of partners made of business, local and regional authorities and educational centres. We are at the forefront of improving quality in our mobility projects and we play an active role in researching, experimenting and implementing skill transfers.

Our team is made of qualified professionals with a real passion for the mobility experience.

We also participate in international projects and / or partnerships aiming to improve cooperation in mobility processes and share know-how in this area.


France – Association Ouvrière des Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France 

For more than nine centuries “Les Compagnons du Devoir” have supported young people in developing their professional skills to a high standard in their chosen trade. Sharing knowledge and expertise travel and community living are the foundations of “Les Compagnons du Devoir”.

Every year, our trainees (Journeymen) move from company to company, city to city, region to region, country to country for 4 to 6-year period, called “Tour de France”. Traveling with a tool box is an adventure, a voyage of self-discovery, broadening horizons and enhancing professional outlook. As we expect our trainees to be open to travelling abroad, we also welcome any young person wanting to come to train with us in France.

Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France is a non-profit association and provides training from basic to advanced level in 29 trades, divided into six sectors: Construction, Interior fittings and finishes, Baking trades, Metal and industrial trades, Leather and upholstery, Rural trades.

In France, Les Compagnons du Devoir operates 40 training across the country where we provide initial training for apprentices (generally about 16-years-old). The apprenticeship is a 2-3 year course where students alternate between 6 weeks working with their employers, and 2 weeks full-time residential training at our centres. During the 2-week block, students are living and working alongside qualified and experienced “journeymen” (see below). On completion students receive a recognized qualification in their chosen trade. We also provide higher level training for qualified trades people. This is based on a “journeyman” model where the trainee hones their skills, travelling from town to town, working in different companies during the day, while living in one of our 80 houses, providing accommodation in a community environment.

Nowadays, our Association is composed of:

+ 5000 apprentices in initial training

+ 2800 journeymen perfecting their skills (during the Tour de France),

+ 12000 company trainees

We are an ISO 9001 certificate holder since September 2016.

We believe transnational mobility as one of the most important ways of acquiring new competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to improve the participant personal development and employability in the European labour market. For this reason our main objective is to offer quality programmes so that participants get the maximum benefit from French training and personal experiences in our training centres.


Associate Partners 

In order to increase the reach of the project in terms of countries, type of partners, and impact of the MobMan project, there will be 7 Associate Partners who have each completed a Letter of Interest (appendix 3).

  1. Verein zur Qualifizierung in traditionellen und modernen Bautechniken e.V. is a registrered association is supported by the building trade tarif partners of Berlin & Brandenburg (IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt, Bauindustrieverband Berlin-Brandenburg & Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin und Brandenburg). We work in close collaboration with the local Chambers of Commerce. We will play an active role in the dissemination of the project outputs.
  2. IRFA APISUP CCI Picardie is attached to Regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the Hauts de France region. It is an apprentice training centre for apprentices following Bachelor of Master Degree courses in one of the 8 Higher Education Institutions in Picardie. There are currently 475 apprentices. They have been involved in Interreg projects but not Erasmus+ They have a mobility programme for the apprentices involving 2-4 weeks of linguistic training in Margate, UK followed by a work placement of 3-12 weeks in duration. This programme is offered on a selective basis to all of the apprentices and about 70 are selected to take part each year. IRFA is particularly interested in the MobMan platform as it may enable them to open up the programme to all 475 of their apprentices instead of the 70 they currently send. They will take part in the meetings in France, the Focus Groups, Evaluation Workshops & the End of Project conference in the UK and France.
  3. IES Lucus Solis, Seville is one of the largest schools in Sevilla with a vocational training section. They currently send 20 apprentices abroad for WBL and hope that the MobMan platform will allow them to send more students in the future.
  4. Associazione Culturale Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera is a cultural organization, fron Alghero, Sardinia since 2004 focusing on the divulgation of the Italian language and culture. We work closely with schools and training centres in Sardinia & Italian language & cultural courses are an integral part of a broader project of promotion of activities that lead to an intercultural exchange. Pintadera welcomes approximately 200 Italian language students a year from all over the world. Since 2006 Pintadera has been involved in European mobility projects as a hosting organisation for various counties in Norway and France in particular.
  5. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Séville has its own Erasmus+ Charter and all students at both Bachelor & Master levels are encouraged to undertake either a study period of work-based learning abroad. The University is particularly interested in the MobMab platform & will be actively involved in the Testing & Fine-Tuning phases of the project. The University will also disseminate the results amongst its network of partner universities all over the world.
  6. ACB – Associacao Comercial de Braga id the Chamber of Commerce for Braga and the surrounding region. They host over 1,000 apprentices and trainees from countries all over Europe and are interested in developing the possibility to send trainees and employees for WBL in order to help stimulate the economic development of the region.

These partners include 2 universities, a School, a Higher Education Apprentice Training Centre, a Business Association, a cultural body and a chamber of commerce. This will help to increase the breadth of the project.

They will be invited to each of the meetings in addition to the End of Project Conferences and have agreed to cover costs from their own funds.

They have also agreed to play part in the Testing-Fine-tuning phase of the project for all 3 intellectual outputs.

These associate partners will provide a precious detached view of the outputs that we will develop & have also agreed to play an active role in the dissemination of information about then project and its outputs, thereby making a significant contribution to guaranteeing the impact of the project.